Foundation Week- December ’08

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Got some crazy ideas that you want to see thrown together into short stories and the like?


Wondering if you can give a writing challenge too difficult for an author to accomplish?


Bring it on!


Partake in the monthly feature: “The Writer’s Challenge”.  You brainstorm the story elements, you choose the story elements, and I write the short story.  This will be written from a Christian world view, so I thank you ahead of time for keeping it clean (inappropriate posts will be deleted). 


This first week is dedicated to brainstorming, and any related material needs to be presented as a reply to this post.  This is your opportunity to post your story elements, whether they be elements you think are cool or elements you think I don’t have the skills to handle.  Feel free to include any of the following:

  Mood (funny, serious, adventurous, etc…)

  Genre (fantasy, modern, sci-fi, etc…)



  Plot elements

  Items (weapons, possessions, animals, relics, etc…)


Please use headings for your choices so I’ll have an easier time gathering them.  If you have something that doesn’t fit under one of these categories, you can use the heading “Other”.  Please do not comment on replies from other people, there will be opportunity for this later.  Any ideas for the month must be posted before the week ends.


Please see the “Writer’s Challenge” page for further details.


Let’s make a story!







5 thoughts on “Foundation Week- December ’08

  1. I have been wanting to write a Holylands Adventure with some of these elements, but maybe you could use them in your story.

    Genre: High Fantasy (from HL perhaps?)

    *A corrupt clergyman who uses the church for financial benefit.
    *A kindly old woman who is the town healer. She is of outstanding morals, but is a druid by faith.
    *A scholar who believes that magic is a “science” and not an evil practice. Believes that the pursuit of magic is the pursuit of knowledge and therefore not unethical.

    That is all I have. The idea did not go past characters.

  2. Pretty cool Cris. Good luck! Please send us a link to the final story that gets written. I’d like to read it.

    • Mood (funny, serious, adventurous, etc…)
    Adventurous & philosophical.

    • Genre (fantasy, modern, sci-fi, etc…) Post apocalyptic earth where nuclear war has destroyed the environment and killed billions of people. Life on earth has been forever altered, but a group of survivors has hope and sees it as an opportunity to start again.

    • Characters. Lawyer, Police officer, Prostitute, Pastor, Muslim, Jewish Rabbi, Father (family was lost), child, drug dealer, Judge, soldier, insurance executive, homeless person

    • Settings. Pacific Northwest, United States of America

    • Plot elements
    Survivors band together to build a new society founded in Christian values. Along the journey, they uncover how the loss of Christian values contributed to the end of the world they knew.

    • Items (weapons, possessions, animals, relics, etc…)

  3. Ooooh. I like the ones that are on right now…lets see..

    • Mood -Definetly funny-adventure

    • Genre -can it be modern fantasy? like… modern day people having fantasy-like powers… ?

    • Characters-Definetly want a warrior in it- a girl, (modern warrior? Maybe war hero??), a pet Chicken, a backwoodsman (complete with a beard) and…. Mark-my brother.

    • Settings-Would like it set in the tiny town of St.helensville.

    • Plot elements-The backwoodsman, mark and the hero (feel free to name Her Becky) have come to St.Helensville to the library that is renowned for having some of the hardest to find books on christianity. Each don’t know the other until *BOOM* something happens and they have to save the world and the chicken is part of the final plan

    • Items (weapons, possessions, animals, relics, etc…)-Definetly a chicken(someones pet), weapons, a bible that in the binding holds a knife, A wallet on a chain that can be used as a weapon, but also holds 26 pictures of family and friends…

    Thats all I have for now! Lets see you write THAT book!!! 😛
    Love ya!

  4. Mood
    Serious / Drama

    Medical Thriller – Similiar to The Stand

    Several christians & non-christians to compare there responses

    Plot Elements
    world wide plague of some sort

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