Physical or Spiritual? (John 6)

It’s hard for me to read about the crowd in John 6 and not laugh.  Jesus had done a miracle for their sake, feeding them all with only 5 loafs of bread & 2 small fish.  Yet they didn’t care about the miracle.  They cared about getting their bellies filled.

Originally they had come to Him because they saw Him performing signs on the sick.  But now their temporal concerns had become the most important thing, and they wanted food.

I wonder how often we do this.  We see God working mightily in our lives, but we don’t care about that… we just want to fill our bellies.  We pass on the eternal for the things that are passing.

We need to remember that no matter how good the physical blessing, it’s only temporary.  It’s not the main thing.  Spiritual things are the reality.

Jesus is the main thing.


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