Searching Craigslist With Ease

Have you ever tried searching for the same thing in multiple cities of Craigslist?  It’s slow.  You have to open each city individually and re-enter your search criteria.

Not anymore!

The other day I came across this page,  From here you can type in your criteria once, hit search, and get results from as many cities as you want… once!  There are other websites that do similar things, but this one is a bit different.  Instead of crawling through Craigslist (which Craigslist likes to block) it simply organizes the search on your browser.

If you’re searching for hard to find items, or maybe “work from home” jobs, try using this site.  It’s way easier!  Saved me enough time to write this post…


One thought on “Searching Craigslist With Ease

  1. wow, nice tip. Speaking of which, let me know next time you are going to Seattle. They are a hotbed of Warhammer stuff and sometimes have cheap options which I could possibly send some money with you to pick one or two up…

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