CSFFBT- “Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow”

Alright, this month the book was “Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow” by the Miller Brothers.

My first impression upon reading this book was that I thought the idea behind the book was neat.

I liked the cast of characters and the intro into the book, but the further I read the more it reminded me of Harry Potter meets “Book of Names” by D. Barkley Briggs.  The illustrations looked to me like they were trying a bit too hard, making computer animation on paper, it just didn’t fit in with what I thought the book was trying to portray.

The cover art was good, but I think that is where they should have left the computer animation-ish drawing.

It wasn’t until I was around chapter 7 that the book started to intrigue me a bit more. I was still able to put the book down however and not pick it up again for many days….

Once I did pick it up however, I read on and was excited by what happens in Chapter 17…very neat I thought.

For those of you who don’t want the book spoiled- Don’t read the text in red. 

In Chapter 18, there is a riddle that I liked trying to figure out with the main character…I was searching my brain trying to figure it out with him and was pleasantly surprised to see “we” came to the same conclusion about it! lol

I liked the alliteration in the riddle.

I also liked the ending of the book.  I had a nagging suspicion about it and was glad to see it confirmed.


Alright, all done with spoilers for now.

I can honestly say that it was not until chapter 20 that I felt the need, the urge to keep the book by my side until I got to the last word of the last chapter. Some books you can’t put them down until you finish them, and it happens on page one, this book however didn’t reach that point for me until chapter 20.

All in all I was pleasantly surprised to find myself at the last page and feel satisfied that I had read through till the end. I would definetly recommend this to someone of a younger age, maybe between ages 10-16 or so. I think it would be right up their alley, but parents reading it to see what their children are into would get a smile out of it.

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