They Come with Spots? – Mount Rainier

It’s always cool to find out that your favorite animal comes in another form you never heard of.  Squirrels and fish that fly, worms that melt, black bears that are brown, albino moose.  It gives you a new perspective, more reasons to like the creature.  It may even make it seem like there are more of that particular animal now that you know there’s another kind.

And considering that last effect, I now introduce you to another of Mount Rainier’s strange inhabitants… the Spotted Skunk!  That’s right, there are more of these delightful creatures in the world than you realized.  And they’re spreading the love just like their stripped cousins.  There are a few types of Spotted Skunks, and the type in Mount Rainier are simply known as the Western Spotted Skunk.

These guys are smaller and faster than their cousins, and they have finer pelts.  And they have the stink cannon too.  They’ll give off a warning before spraying, usually tapping their feet and raising their tail.  Sometimes they’ll even stand on their front legs and lift their rear end, where the spray comes from, up into the air.  Watch out, they can spray accurately up to 15 feet away.  They can pack up to five shots at a time before taking a week to reload.

Hydrogen peroxide or baking soda are the easiest things to use to get rid of a shot of skunk perfume.  Be careful, these can alter hair color on people as well as animals.  Bleach is also effective in getting rid of the odor, but obviously one should be more careful when using bleach.  Your best bet… just stay far away from them.  Don’t leave food out, they’ll get into just about anything an average camper packs to eat.

Some may want to brave finding one of these little guys for the sake of seeing such a unique creature, or maybe even for the sake of adding to their personal photo collection.  The key to finding more of these unique creatures in Mount Rainier… hike through as much of the park as you can.  The more ground you cover, the more chances you’ll have of seeing what few others have seen.  Mt. Rainier has many different terrains, as we have seen in our series on Life Zones.  To safely and comfortably navigate all areas, make sure you’re fully equipped.  The best place to get all your Mount Rainier equipment… Whittaker Mountaineering.  Not only do they likely have whatever gear you’re looking for, they’re also staffed with experts on Mount Rainier.  Check them out at

Remember to give God glory for all His creativity!!!


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