More Little Critters of Mount Rainer- Part 1

Mount Rainier is bursting with life, and these blogs have only begun to scratch the surface.  Let’s take a step back for a moment and see some lists of small critters in this beautiful National Park.


-Common / Masked Shrew
-Dusky Shrew
-Marsh Shrew
-Trowbridge Shrew
-Wandering Shrew
Mice, Rats and Voles
-Deer Mouse
-Gapper’s Red-Backed Mouse
-Jumping Mouse
-Long-Tailed Vole
-Pack Rat/ Bushy Tailed Woodrat
-Townsend’s Vole
Marmots, Squirrels & Chipmunks
-Douglas Squirrel
-Golded-Mantled Ground Squirrel
-Hoary Marmot
-Northern Flying Squirrel
-Townsend’s Chipmunk
-Yellow Pine Chipmunk
-Coast Mole
-Shrew Mole
-Townsend Mole
-Northern Pocket Gopher

Next time we’ll look some lists of larger small critters.  Until then, make sure you visit Mount Rainier, and don’t forget to stock up on supplies from Whittaker Mountaineering!

Praise God for His creation!!!