Awestruck with Hammers

Some of you have known for a while that I love the hammer dulcimer.  Some of you know I began playing one a few months back.  Some of you don’t have a clue what a hammer dulcimer is.

Well, I thought I’d share with you the main reason I fell in love with the instrument and it’s music.  No surprise that it was my favorite singer/musician Rich Mullins that introduced me to this board of beauty.  Others have added to what’s becoming a passion, including another Christian singer/musician by the name of Andrew Peterson.

Here’s just a few samples…

Calling out Your Name- Rich Mullins

Creed- Rich Mullins

78 Eatonwood Green(@ 0:22)- Rich Mullins; Such a Thing as Glory (@ 8:22)- Rich Mullins (concert versions)

I couldn’t find any Andrew Peterson videos.  When I do I’ll hopefully remember to post them.

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