A Fifth Attempt

So I’m trying to familiarize myself with the different affects that intervals have on people.  And in doing so I’ve come up with a class of songs I’m making.  I kind of have to do it this way at this point because being able to play them again my prove impossible.  I’d hate to have a song I name and not be able to perform it again.

A Fifth Attempt is a class of songs I play on the hammer dulcimer where I attempt to play a bunch of fifths (and other intervals) and just kind of see where the tensions and reliefs take me.  I hope you enjoy them, I’ll try to post the better ones on here if I can.  If anyone wants video rather than audio just leave a comment saying so.  It’s a lot more work to do a video and format it to display on WordPress, so I’ll probably not do many of those without request.

So enough blabbering.  I hope you enjoy.  If you have any advice or ideas you’d like me to try please leave a comment saying so.  I’m still a beginner, but I’ll try to figure it all out.