Review: Offworld- by Robin Parrish

So I’m finally getting closer to catching up with the Christian Sci-Fi Fantasy Blog Tour, and am able to post a more proper review of the book for the month.  For August us bloggers took a trip to Mars with the characters of Robin Parrish’s Offworld.

This book definitely keeps the pace up, the opposite of a slow and over worded novel.  In fact there were a few times I found myself trying to figure out whether or not it was going too fast.  But only a few times.  I haven’t finished the book yet, though I’m pretty close.  And it’s been hard to break the action to put the book down for the night.  Enjoyable when I don’t have to be up by a certain time the next day.

I’m able to get into the lead characters, each one a necessary part of the story.  There are some I care about more than others, but that may have been Robin’s goal.  Offworld is truly the story of the characters, and not simply a plot filled out with unimportant bodies.

And speaking of the plot, man am I looking forward to seeing how this book ends!  When I said the characters matter, well, it goes the other way too.  This isn’t just a grouping of great characters thrown into a room and inconsequentially recorded.  It’s a good story.

I’ve been partially let down by the direction the book has taken thus far, but I’m not sure why.  I guess I liked things as they were after the first few chapters and hoped it would work out differently.  The way things have turned out is not a let down in and of itself, in fact it’s quite enjoyable.  But I guess I would like to see the idea explored in a different direction (at this point in the book I’m going to assume it would have to be a work completely separate from this novel).  I mention all this not to downplay the book, but rather to point out that it sets a foundation for even more to be explored.

On the spiritual aspect of the work, it’s definitely a safe book to read thus far.  Honestly I haven’t seen much depth spiritually, and I’m hoping for something powerful before it’s all over.  I’m not seeing how it might happen, but there’s enough there to work with if you have the desire to do so.  I’ll just have to wait and see if Robin Parrish wanted to or not.  I will say that considering the Christian world view changes a lot of potential outcomes throughout the book, so in that regard the spiritual aspect has the potential of adding suspense for the reader who accepts Christ as their Lord and Saviour and who accepts the Bible as the infallible word of God.  The book could still tear that apart, though I’m not expecting or hoping that it will do so.  What I’m really wanting to know is what kind of spiritual impact the conclusion of the book is going to have on readers.  Lord willing I’ll find out in the next couple of days.

And, Lord willing, you too dear reader will have the opportunity to see what the conclusion of the book has to offer.  Not just from my opinion, either.  I’ve got in my possession a couple extra copies of this book to give away.  Be on the lookout next month for the giveaways to begin, it’s my goal to start with the next CSFFBT.  And if all goes well there should be somewhat regular giveaways to follow, with a variety of books from a variety of authors.  I have some ideas in mind on how to do the giveaways, but feel free to share any of your own ideas.  However it happens, as long as the end of this book doesn’t tank, I’m really looking forward to passing it on to other readers to enjoy.  It’s been a fun book to read, even for a guy who’s not really a sci-fi fan.

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HDR Pictures

After hearing and seeing enough about HDR pictures I decided to look into them myself.  Basically, an HDR picture is when you take three pictures of the same thing:

  1. underexposed
  2. normal
  3. overexposed

Then you take those pictures and add them together to get the fullest range possible of what you actually saw with your eyes.  The reason for this?… because cameras aren’t as smart as our eyes (God’s a better designer than man!).  Cameras don’t see the full depth and range of color and light that our eyes see.  So you capture all those things in three separate pictures and then you put them together.  And you can also create special effects in HDRs as well to get some stunning effects.

Now I’m no expert, so this explanation won’t get you a degree.  But it will give you a basic understanding.

So why should you care?  Well, let me show you.  First, here’s a few of my newbie HDR projects (HDRs on the right):

rainbow hdr-comparison

valley hdr comparison

Believe it or not, the hdr image on the right here is how the colors ACTUALLY LOOKED IN REAL LIFE. Taken at the "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone NP"

hdr comparison- effects

And finally, the following are a few breath-takers from around the webernet (NOT MINE, click on the pictures to go to the original poster’s page)…