Review- Venom & Song, by Wayne T. Batson & Christopher Hopper

Before getting into this month’s book, I have to apologize for being a little late on the reviews this summer.  There have been a lot of things going on, and I’ve not been able to live life in the ways I’ve planned.  I’m really hoping things turn around in the next couple months, because my body is telling me it cannot continue this way for very long.  Please pray for me.

Last month I did get a post in, but because I missed the July dates my name was (rightfully so) dropped from the August list.  So here’s a link for the August post for those who missed it…

Ok, now on to some good stuff!

So for September’s CSFFBT book we get to finally read the second installment in Wayne Thomas Batson’s and Christopher Hopper’s “The Berinfell Prophecies”, and the book is called “Venom & Song”.  I’ve been looking forward to this book since we went through the first book… “Curse of the Spider King”!

Book 1 was great!  It started off kinda weak to me, but by the end I was completely impressed.  I was a fan. 

And now this book comes out!  It’s getting even better!

In Venom and Song we learn a lot more about the world of Allyra.  The world building is very well done in Venom and Song, bringing to life not only the populated lands but even the lands of the past.  The stories of the past.  Long lost stories and places are brought to the forefront of what our young heroes must face.  Stories that were prophesied about long ago unfold before our eyes, and anticipation is built up for the prophesies not yet seen.  And I have a feeling there’s more to be revealed (past, present & future) that hasn’t even been hinted at yet.  I hope our authors do not let Allyra get away from us before it is fully explored.

The main characters are also developed well in this book, good and bad guys alike.  Some real surprises on all sides will keep the reader eager for the next chapter, and the chapter after that one as well.  Most of the characters were very well done and easy to get into.

The pace of the story is great.  Even the “slower” parts didn’t seem slow.  Nothing felt like it was being forced upon me so other parts of the book would make sense or be exciting.  Every part of the book stood well on its own and added to everything around it.

I still haven’t explored much of the “out of the book” material the authors have drummed up.  The book itself contains teasers for these extras.  I hope they are enjoyed by the readers!  If you’re interested, check out

From beginning to end (including the amazing job Thomas Nelson did on the cover!), Venom & Song is a book that stands on its own.  It also meshes so very well with the first book in the series.  I have no doubt that the next book will be just as good as the first two.

Now for my only real complaint… why didn’t you guys include a chapter for book 3 at the end of Venom & Song?  I really liked that the first book had a teaser for book 2, and was sad when I got to the end of book 2 and found nothing for book 3.


Ok, I’m done whining now.

Thanks again for another great adventure Wayne and Christopher!

No matter who you are, if you enjoy fantasy fiction then I highly suggest you pick up this book… “Venom and Song”, you can get a copy at

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