Time to Write- December ’08

The votes are in!  Thanks to everyone for your participation.

Here are the final results:



Post apocalyptic earth where nuclear war has destroyed the environment and killed billions of people. Life on earth has been forever altered, but a group of survivors has hope and sees it as an opportunity to start again. 60% (9 of 15 votes)


Pacific Northwest, United States of America 64% (9 of 14 votes)


Adventurous & philosophical. 43% (6 of 14 votes)


Survivors band together to build a new society founded in Christian values. Along the journey, they uncover how the loss of Christian values contributed to the end of the world they knew. 71% (10 of 14 votes)


Female Warrior (modern warrior? Maybe war hero??) 21% (3 of 14votes)

Tied with another.  Decided with a 20 sided die.


A bible that in the binding holds a knife 69% (9 of 13votes)


Look for the completed short story on December 31.  You will be able to read and rate the finished piece then.

The next Challenge starts January 1st, and will run just the same as this one did.  Tell your friends.  I hope to see you all back again!

Through the Fire- December ’08

It’s the second week of the month, and the suggestions are now closed.  You can view all the responses here…

Now it’s time to put the ideas to the flame of popular vote!

Voting is open to all.  Feel free to ask questions about the ideas posted (though the answers will have to come from those who posted the ideas), but please remember that comments will not be added to the results… you MUST use the vote boxes to vote!

The top voted item in each category will be used in this month’s story. 

Don’t worry if your idea didn’t win this month.  All unused ideas can be posted in future months.

So tell me, what am I going to write about this December?