Latest Book Now Available!

Just wanted to let everyone know that my latest book is now available for purchase at

The book is a work of historical fiction.  Join fictional author Willie Lightfoot as he guides you through 1598 Elizabethan London.  Discover the world that brought us Shakespeare, the flushing toilet, Tom Foolery and the box office!

Pick up a copy, and tell all your friends!  Ren-Faire fans won’t want to miss out on this!



Elizabethan England Travelers’ Guide- Need Help

If you were to receive a Traveler’s Guide for Elizabethan England (late 1500’s), what information would you like included to learn about?

I’m not posting this to research the period itself.  I’m posting to find out what people want to know about the place and time in history.  If you are a fan of Renaissance Faires then your input is especially valuable for this project.