Awestruck with Hammers

Some of you have known for a while that I love the hammer dulcimer.  Some of you know I began playing one a few months back.  Some of you don’t have a clue what a hammer dulcimer is.

Well, I thought I’d share with you the main reason I fell in love with the instrument and it’s music.  No surprise that it was my favorite singer/musician Rich Mullins that introduced me to this board of beauty.  Others have added to what’s becoming a passion, including another Christian singer/musician by the name of Andrew Peterson.

Here’s just a few samples…

Calling out Your Name- Rich Mullins

Creed- Rich Mullins

78 Eatonwood Green(@ 0:22)- Rich Mullins; Such a Thing as Glory (@ 8:22)- Rich Mullins (concert versions)

I couldn’t find any Andrew Peterson videos.  When I do I’ll hopefully remember to post them.

Allison Lotterhos

I came across a video of an amazing hammer dulcimer player and I thought I’d share the link.  You can find the post (with the video) at  The blog is by Christie Burns, who I also stumbled upon while surfing tonight.

Check the video out.  The artist is Allison Lotterhos.  Beautiful music!

Hammer Dulcimer- Ode to Joy

Some of you know that I love the hammer dulcimer.  Some friends of mine, the Williams’, let me borrow one for a while and after trying to play it I have an even greater appreciation for the masters of the instrument.  It’s easy to make yourself sound good on the dulcimer, but to play an actual piece right takes some talent!

Anyway, I came across this video and thought I’d share it.

Enjoy, and praise God for His good works!