CSFFBT-Blaggard’s Moon Part 1.

This is the 2nd book I have read as part of CSFFBT and I have got to say that it was quite interesting.

The book is “Blaggard’s Moon” by George Bryan Polivka.

I loved the cover art, which in my opinion is part of  what draws one into a book, sometimes at first glance. It is what makes a person decide to follow the intrigue that it has brought up. In this case, the books cover made me smell the ocean air and see the giant moon up close. I wanted to be on the ship rolling across whatever waves might be lapping against the hull of the ship, and if I closed my eyes, I could imagine myself being there. I wanted to know though, where the ship was headed, what it was doing out on the ocean all alone,  and most importantly, to find out what a “Blaggard” was.

The book does a good job of drawing you into its world. Even from the title of the first chapter. I actually had to re-read the first chapters heading to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind and not being able to read anymore, then I finally recognized it as a different language.

*possible spoiler in red*

The first person I came across in the book was Smith Delaney. A good fellow seems to be, but there are things at work in his heart and in his head that might convince a person that he is not quite so good.


I did find out what a Blaggard was, although I am still not sure if it is a real word or just one made up, either way, it seems to fit.

Look for installment #2 of Blaggard’s Moon and check out these other blogs for more about Blaggard’s Moon.

Blaggard’s Moon – http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0736925376 .
George Bryan Polivka’s Web site – http://www.nearingvast.com/

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