Review: Blaggard’s Moon, by George Bryan Polivka

First I want to say a HUGE thank you to my wife, Rebekah Jesse, for posting three days of reviews on this book, and for posting them on my blog.  Just a reminder to all, please double check who the author is on the posts on my blog.  My wife does post here from time to time and I want to make sure she gets full credit for her writing!  You can see more of her writing at

Thanks, Becky!

Now onto our book. 

Blaggard’s Moon is a fictional pirate adventure written from a Christian world view.  The author is George Bryan Polivka.  One should know that while I don’t hate pirate stuff, I’m not exactly drawn to it either.  My tendency to turn away from it is probably due to the recent years of pirate over-saturation in our day to day.

That being said, I’m finding it very difficult right now to find the right way to describe the book.  So I’ll go with the closest thing that comes to mind… it was absolutely amazing!

From the very first sitting I was sold.  My opinion did nothing but rise the whole book through.  I have never been tempted to read a novel twice until now.  I know I’m on a review tour, and I know I’m an author of novels myself, but I’m honestly not a big reader of stories.  I love to read theology, and I’m all about watching stories on the screen instead of reading them in books.  But man, this book was good!

The characters, very well done.  Every one of them was believable, colorful, and unique.  The setting was solid.  Well put together, well used, and with massive amounts of potential for more.  The storyline, I really enjoyed it.  There were a couple points where I would have gone a different route, but it’s good that Mr. Polivka was the author and not me.  Good job man!

All these elements were solid and fun to experience.  Based on these alone I would recommend this book to any fan of fiction.

But the main reason I like the book, the one reason why I’m considering another reading… I have never enjoyed the telling of a fiction story better than I have with this novel.  There is exception to that, and that is in the storytelling of Andrew Peterson‘s songs (Andrew’s book comes close).  But considering books and even movies, George Polivka’s telling of a fictional tale is jaw dropping!    I’m not worried about overselling this part.  He could never compare to God, nobody can.  But God has made men in His image, and storytelling is a talent that it seems He has given to George.

I know that the elements I mentioned at first are, in a sense, part of story telling: characters, settings, plots.  But one can nail these elements and still not tell a story.  An author can give a narration or history lesson that does a great job on the particulars, without the author being a true bard.

I must also say that one can even do a terrible job on the particulars and still do a real good job of telling a tale.  A man could tell you the dumbest tale you ever heard, and yet even then captivate you.

But Blaggard’s Moon nails the particulars, and then delivers them to you on not just a silver platter, but on a silver platter on a silver table on a silver floor, while you sit in a silver chair under a silver moon.  I’m not sure I can even detail why I was so impressed by the story telling.  And maybe that’s partly why it was so good.

I also really appreciate some of the applicable truths one can find in the story.  You may not consciously catch them; the author himself may not have even caught them as he wrote the book (or maybe he did).  But they’re there, and they’re good.

Even though it’s a pirate’s tale, I’m pumped about reading more from this author!  Thank you George Bryan Polivka.  I pray that your soul and your pen follow His leading.

Please, read this book. 

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My Pirate Name…

So a fellow member of the Christian Sci-Fi Fantasy Blog Tour shared a post on Blaggard’s Moon, by George Bryan Polivka (an amazing book!!!!!!!).  Her post had a link to a genuine Pirate Name Generator.  You type in your real name and your gender and it gives you a pirate name.  I just went to check it out, and found it funny that part of my pirate name was actually my tag name during my graffiti days… krebs.

Here were my results:

Real Name : Cristafer
Pirate Name : Mad Hailey Krebs
Ship Name : Miss Helo The Blue Planet

If ye want to be knowing what yer own pirate and ship name be, then stop yer loafin’ and cast off for