I’m officially a published author!

Hey all, I just wanted to tell you that my short story “Death of Man” has been published with the ezine “The Cross and the Cosmos”.

Please check out the free launch issue.  You can find it by clicking the vertical banner on the right side of the screen here


Foundation Week- December ’08

Thanks for the ideas, suggestions for this month are now closed.  Please go to “Through the Fire- December ’08” to vote!






Got some crazy ideas that you want to see thrown together into short stories and the like?


Wondering if you can give a writing challenge too difficult for an author to accomplish?


Bring it on!


Partake in the monthly feature: “The Writer’s Challenge”.  You brainstorm the story elements, you choose the story elements, and I write the short story.  This will be written from a Christian world view, so I thank you ahead of time for keeping it clean (inappropriate posts will be deleted). 


This first week is dedicated to brainstorming, and any related material needs to be presented as a reply to this post.  This is your opportunity to post your story elements, whether they be elements you think are cool or elements you think I don’t have the skills to handle.  Feel free to include any of the following:

  Mood (funny, serious, adventurous, etc…)

  Genre (fantasy, modern, sci-fi, etc…)



  Plot elements

  Items (weapons, possessions, animals, relics, etc…)


Please use headings for your choices so I’ll have an easier time gathering them.  If you have something that doesn’t fit under one of these categories, you can use the heading “Other”.  Please do not comment on replies from other people, there will be opportunity for this later.  Any ideas for the month must be posted before the week ends.


Please see the “Writer’s Challenge” page for further details.


Let’s make a story!