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About the Author

            Writing has always been easy for me, though I never realized my passion for it until I hit my twenties.  It was then that those closest to me began to tell me I should pursue a writing career.  They said that it seemed as though God had blessed me with a talent, and that it would be shameful for me to bury it.  I need to glorify Christ with everything He has given me, so I became a professional writer.

            Theology and fantasy fiction were the only types of books that I found myself reading, and so I began to write bits and pieces in each genre.  Those bits turned out to be the seeds of novels that I have penned, and novels that are yet to come.  These are the areas I plan to focus on most in my writing career.

            Other areas of writing are also of interest to me.  Math and logic have always intrigued me, and I am constantly pursuing efficiency and best practices.  Technology is something that I pick up on pretty easily.  These desires and skills have naturally led me to create technical documents for both professional and personal use.

            Through all of my schooling (including a number of unaccredited Bible college classes), I have found that research writing is something I have a knack for.  Often these research papers have turned into teaching materials used for studies in various settings.

            If you mix all these things together, and throw in my casual hobby of photography, you end up with a picture of a versatile writer.  Add to that picture my commitment to glorify God with my writing, and you have a writer who will do all that he can to produce high quality written products for you.

            I’m looking forward to writing for you.



Areas of Expertise

-Academic, college level papers

-Christian theology, as deep as you want to go

-Creative writing, especially speculative fiction

-Digital photography, with a bit of photo editing

-Research writing; accurate & informative papers of interest

-Technical documentation, for all of your instructional needs




(samples available upon request)


-Marsh, Inc.

 Seattle, WA (206)214-3000


            -Technical Writing, Job/Department requisites, Data entry, Product design


-YCAR (Young Christian Adult Retreat)

            -Advertising, Scheduling, Speech/Study writing, Guest Speaker Communications

-Christian teaching

            -Bible studies, Sermons, Worksheets, Curriculum, Theological works

-Fantasy Fiction

            -a fictional world, novels and gaming material

-Ghost Writing

            -details available upon request

            -my personal blog

-Various Excel spreadsheets



            -see profile at

-Owner of



            -details available upon request



Co-Writers and Impacted People

-Brent Diaz, MMC Seattle.  (206)214-3000

-Elance.  For feedback I’ve received go to…

-Ralph Johnson, Bible College professor and Church elder.

-Additional relevant references available upon request




-OCW (Oregon Christian Writers)

-The Anomaly (writing forum) –





-Articles: $0.07 per word

-Write a book: per project, contact for details

-Web copy: per project, contact for details

-Editing:  $0.017 per word

-Advertisement: per project, contact for details

-Transcription: $40 per hour, single speaker

-Photography: per project, very cheap, contact for details

-Technical Writing: per project, contact for details