HDR Pictures

After hearing and seeing enough about HDR pictures I decided to look into them myself.  Basically, an HDR picture is when you take three pictures of the same thing:

  1. underexposed
  2. normal
  3. overexposed

Then you take those pictures and add them together to get the fullest range possible of what you actually saw with your eyes.  The reason for this?… because cameras aren’t as smart as our eyes (God’s a better designer than man!).  Cameras don’t see the full depth and range of color and light that our eyes see.  So you capture all those things in three separate pictures and then you put them together.  And you can also create special effects in HDRs as well to get some stunning effects.

Now I’m no expert, so this explanation won’t get you a degree.  But it will give you a basic understanding.

So why should you care?  Well, let me show you.  First, here’s a few of my newbie HDR projects (HDRs on the right):

rainbow hdr-comparison

valley hdr comparison

Believe it or not, the hdr image on the right here is how the colors ACTUALLY LOOKED IN REAL LIFE. Taken at the "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone NP"

hdr comparison- effects

And finally, the following are a few breath-takers from around the webernet (NOT MINE, click on the pictures to go to the original poster’s page)…

Insider Info- The Hollywood Files

So tonight I stumbled upon a whole load of secret movie trailers many have never seen.  Hollywood isn’t bowing down to the economy, the theatres shall be packed once again!  But be forewarned…though it might excite you to see these, some of them may disappoint you.



Green Lantern

Street Fighter 2

Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy

Titanic: Two the Surface

Till Death Do Us Part- We’re No Longer Boys



The Wonderful and Wicked Tales of Oz


Twisted Metal


The Legend of Zelda




Darknight in Smallville

Marvel Ultimate Alliance


And the one I’m looking forward to the most…


There are others, let’s support our film makers and watch these films!

Some Graffiti of Mine

Most of you know I used to really be into graffiti. Here’s a few samples of my work (none of it was done illegally)…

This one was for the Seattle Youth Rally- “God’s Place”

Seattle Youth Rally- God's Place
This one is a picture I did for my niece, Calista
Calista graffiti

Calista graffiti

This one I did for the “Fable’s Biggest Fan” contest
Fable graffiti

Fable graffiti