Get personal(John 1)

I’m noticing already a pattern here in John 1.  Jesus seems to directly work towards revealing what’s on the heart of the one He’s talking to.  While that may not be some earth shattering discovery, it does validate a practice which our culture seems to frown upon.

We’re often told that one must develop a close friendship with someone before dealing with them on personal issues.  That we must bow to impersonal religion that, coincidentally, is mocked by the same people who try to force us into it.  But in many of the examples we see in the Bible, the messenger of Christ was direct and so very personal… even with strangers.

If you study and meditate on the Bible, you will more likely have love and the Word of God on your heart when you deal with people.  And if you have His word on your heart then you have the Words of Life, and you can trust that those Words will work their way into the hearts of men.  You don’t need to always focus on working up some great oration on current events or politics or whatever, you just need to point their heart to Jesus.  And when you give a person directions on how to get to Him, remember that they must start that journey from where they are at.

God’s Word will not return unto Him without serving its purpose.  And He does not place you into people’s lives at a particular time and a particular place without expectation that you will use that exact time and exact place to glorify Him. 

Use His words directly with people. 

Reach into their hearts exactly where you encounter them.

Show them that even in the fleeting moments they are important to you and to God. 

And show them they are important by being personal. 

Don’t dance around the hearts of men, be like Christ and dance with them…


3 thoughts on “Get personal(John 1)

  1. i agree that its important to be genuine, to whomever you meet. its hard at times to get over the mindset that the world has thrust upon us, and at times that we embrace. the mindset of waiting to get personal until we get to know someone better, or until we get to know the subject better. I think its important to study up so that we are ready whenever we run into people, which means daily studying…good post love!

  2. Good thoughts Chris. Thanks for the insight.

    The closer we draw to Christ, the greater his light will shine through us. The nearer we get to Jesus and his glory, the more we can see ourselves for what we are. That is humbling. But God can only use broken vessels who are willing to let his power work through us- for it is not of ourselves so none should boast. For it is only in giving ourselves to the potter that we can be transformed into the image of Christ. And that is worth whatever it takes!

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