Where is Jesus? – John 9

God is at work in our world.  People are touched by Him in more ways than they can really understand.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell just how a thing came about.  Other times there is no question.  But knowing “who did what” isn’t the focus, rather its a signpost telling us where to go.  It is the thing that directs us while we are lost.  But we remain lost if we do not venture beyond the signpost.

The focus is coming to the Worker of all good things.  Our destination IS Him.

For the man born blind, whom John tells us about in his ninth chapter, there was no question Who worked the miracle.  It was the Man they call Jesus who opened his eyes.  The signpost was like writing in the sky, everyone knew who was responsible.

But one could not say that the man had truly found Jesus.  They could only that say that he was touched by Jesus. 

That healing touch of love did mighty things for the man’s soul.  He gave the man an opportunity to see, and I’m not talking about with his eyes.

When the Pharisees harassed him about the healing, the man told them it was Jesus who did it.  They continued to press the matter, twisting the truth into all sorts of distortions.   But in response to their lies the healed man said “One thing I do know, I was blind but now I see!”

He may not have realized it, but the work of Christ in his life made him able to see the wickedness of the Pharisees.  He did not receive a miraculous gift of discernment, but he did have a clearer vision because of the one miracle worked upon his natural eyes.  The more he talked with the Pharisees on the matter, the clearer it became to him.  Theses guys had an agenda, and the truth would not sway them from their goal.

He didn’t know who Jesus was, but he saw that Jesus was from God.  Unfortunately today many of those who find themselves in a similar situation remain as they are.  They don’t seek the One to whom the signposts point.  They stand at the signposts and called it being saved, but they are still lost. 

And they are not able to truly show people who Jesus is.  Even if the right words come out of their mouths, they are only able to give lip service to Him…

Having been thrown out by the Pharisees, the healed man went on his way.  Then Jesus found the man and made it clear to him who He really was… the Son of Man, Lord, the Giver and Taker of sight, the Judge, the Gate, the Good Shepherd.

It is a great thing when God works in the lives of men.  But that work may only be the signpost, directing people towards Him.  If a person doesn’t follow that signpost and come to God on God’s terms, they may find themselves in the position of the Pharisees who were with Jesus when He healed the blind man.  They asked Him “What?  Are we blind too?”

Jesus responded “If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains.”


2 thoughts on “Where is Jesus? – John 9

  1. I love how you put this thought together…I like the idea of signpost pointing toward Christ. That is what our lives should be, not just lip service to Christ, but our entire lives should be a sign pointing straight to Christ. Thank you for your thoughtful insights, Love.

    I wonder how many times I have claimed that I see when I really don’t? I am so thankful for God’s great mercy and for him allowing me to come to him and find him as he would have me to. I am so grateful for that day almost 15 years ago when he opened my eyes and I realized my sin and came to him and was baptized in his name. How awesome is our God that he can remove the things over our eyes so we can see our need of a savior.

  2. Very nicely written and well thought out. It is amazing how often people looking for sub-texts, such as the Pharisees were doing there, miss the most obvious things; such as someone gaining physical sight they had never had before.

    Even worse, in their search for mysterious sub-texts that is so deep they miss the obvious, they miss the sub-texts that actually ARE there…such as Jesus being who He claimed to be. Just to prove they did not get the point, after He resurrected, they, knowing He had resurrected, decided to concoct a conspiracy theory that His body had been stolen instead of changing their ways. They not only missed the meaning of the signposts, they tried to hide the signposts from others.

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