HDR Pictures

After hearing and seeing enough about HDR pictures I decided to look into them myself.  Basically, an HDR picture is when you take three pictures of the same thing:

  1. underexposed
  2. normal
  3. overexposed

Then you take those pictures and add them together to get the fullest range possible of what you actually saw with your eyes.  The reason for this?… because cameras aren’t as smart as our eyes (God’s a better designer than man!).  Cameras don’t see the full depth and range of color and light that our eyes see.  So you capture all those things in three separate pictures and then you put them together.  And you can also create special effects in HDRs as well to get some stunning effects.

Now I’m no expert, so this explanation won’t get you a degree.  But it will give you a basic understanding.

So why should you care?  Well, let me show you.  First, here’s a few of my newbie HDR projects (HDRs on the right):

rainbow hdr-comparison

valley hdr comparison

Believe it or not, the hdr image on the right here is how the colors ACTUALLY LOOKED IN REAL LIFE. Taken at the "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone NP"

hdr comparison- effects

And finally, the following are a few breath-takers from around the webernet (NOT MINE, click on the pictures to go to the original poster’s page)…

6 thoughts on “HDR Pictures

  1. wow the first set of 3 pictures was done by you? did you use GIMP to get the under/over effect and then layer the images in house or did you take the three shots under or over-exposed on the scene? Cris that’s pretty awesome. i specially like the third one. Maybe we can see more of that!

  2. All in Gimp.

    The second shot was one picture only, with a “fake hdr” script ran on it.

    The 1st and 3rd I used the three shot setting on the camera, then put them together using layers & masks.

  3. Hey,
    I am new to this HDR. i have used bracketing and took 3 shots and tried to merge the pictures. I was wondering how many pictures can you merge…I am using photomatix. Cheers

  4. varunesh, i’m not familiar with photomatix, but in gimp you can merge as many pictures as you like. I imagine there’s a point at which you’re not really changing the picture much though.

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