Review- The Wolf of Tebron, by C.S. Lakin

I had the pleasure of being sent a copy of The Wolf of Tebron, the 1st book released in C.S. Lakin’s “Gates of Heaven” series.  As a big fan of the little bit I’ve read of Chesterton and C.S. Lewis, I was more than happy to join the author as she brought to life a fantasy tale filled with quotes from these men.  Most of all, I’m a fan of those men because they write about the true Author of Life, and C.S. Lakin has chosen to attempt the same in The Wolf of Tebron.

This book is filled with allegorical truths that all Christians face, set in the adventurous tale of Joran the blacksmith.  It reminds us of the Love and truths of Christ.  It reminds us of the adventure called life which God will not yet allow us to escape, though we desperately seek to abandon it (and Him) and blindly cling to fading comforts.  We should all thank the Lord that He pursues us so!!!

As with most books I read, there were a few places where I disagreed with the author about the truths of God.  It appeared as though seemingly true statements from men may have been regarded as more absolute truth than they really are.  That’s a hard thing to wrestle with though, we often take our own thoughts and beliefs as absolutes at times that we shouldn’t.  Let God be true and every man be a liar.  However, I think that most of theology that drove this book on was sound and I very much appreciated C.S. Lakin bringing that theology to life.

The end of the book didn’t really make sense to me when I read it.  I think I get it now, but I’d have to read it again to be sure.  I do plan on reading this book again, Lord willing the CSFFBT will be touring it later this year.  I hope to have another fresh look at it by then, and I’m also hoping to get a bit more information about the author and the “Gates of Heaven” series by then.  My plan is to share that information with all of you.

Overall I would recommend this book to fans of fantasy, as well as to those who appreciate allegory.  Having just read Pilgrim’s Progress for the 1st time not too long ago, I’m learning more and more about the power of allegorical writing.  I don’t know if C.S. Lakin meant this book to be completely allegorical or not, but I am looking forward to seeing how she uses the platform in the rest of the “Gates of Heaven” series.

Thank you for sharing this tale with us C.S. Lakin.  And praise the Creator for making us all in His creative Image!!!

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I received a copy of this book as part of a review campaign, courtesy of Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists.

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