Bound to Impress! Review #1: Tuck, by Stephen Lawhead.

Tuck, book three of the King Raven Trilogy.  By Stephen R. Lawhead.  Published by Thomas Nelson.

I enjoyed reading Tuck.  But before getting into the content of this book, I want to comment on the class of the publisher.  They didn’t send out their cheapest copies for reviews.  They sent a hard cover copy, and with a full color, textured cover-sleeve.  I was immediately impressed when I saw it.

Because I’ve been looking into home binding some of my own works, I tend to notice the binding of books now.  I’m no expert by any means, but it’s not hard to see how well they put this book together.  The pages that bind the book block to the hardcover, normally plain paper of a sometimes heavier stock, were not only of the higher quality paper but they had a very nice map of the book’s setting.  The binding is solid; sewn and glued, with very clean edges all around.

Considering the cost of making such copies, I was impressed to receive this version of the novel for a book review.  The publisher and author obviously care to put their best foot forward, at least with this novel.  Good show Thomas Nelson and Mr. Lawhead.

In the next review we’ll consider the setup of the story.

To pick up a copy of Tuck, visit –  
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